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Historical Society
Mission, Purpose and Objectives

The purpose for which the ET&WNC Railroad Historical Society is organized and the business and objectives to be carried on and promoted by the organization are mainly historical, educational, and not-for-profit.

The more particular objectives are as follows: to be operated as a nonprofit organization for educational purposes, including but not limited to: the collecting and preservation of historical data, material and equipment pertaining to railroads associated with the ET&WNC Railroad and Linville River Railway; teaching the railroad history of the Appalachians to the general public; providing information to members of the Society and the general public concerning the ET&WNC Railroad and Linville River Railway by means of newsletters and other publications; to acquire by purchase, lease or otherwise, real and personal property as required to attain the aforementioned objectives; and to be irrevocably dedicated to and operated exclusively for nonprofit purposes. No part of the net income or assets of the Society shall be distributed to nor inure to the benefit of any individual.


The ET&WNC Railroad Historical Society
PO Box 70697
Johnson City, TN 37614